Why it pays to look beyond the Big 4 for media auditing


Stephen Broderick, CEO, FirmDecisions shares some tips on when it comes to investing or partnering with marketing agencies.

The article highlights that there is an increasing internal, market, and shareholder pressure for better governance of media and marketing agency relationships, and CFOs are faced with two options. They can work with one of the Big 4, generalist accountancy firms – familiar partners to many of the world’s biggest companies for their work in conventional, financial auditing. Alternatively, they can work with a media and marketing contract compliance specialist that understands the nuances of the rapidly-evolving sector.

Stephen emphasized that finding the right partner to fulfil this role has become an increasingly important element of the checks and balances advertisers need to put in place as a result of the growing trend for non-transparent agency working practices – in media, for sure, but also in creative, production, and below-the-line marketing activation.


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First featured 24/06/2019.