Contract Compliance audit

As the world’s largest independent media agency contract compliance auditor, we operate in all major markets around the world providing unique services and advice to advertisers.

Whether undertaking media agency audits, media transparency audits, creative agency audits or advertising agency audits, FirmDecisions will provide its clients with greater financial transparency and guaranteed agency compliance.

Our aim is to Improve transparency and control of the financial relationship across all agency types.


  • Is the agency complying with the agreed terms of business?
  • Are correct billing practices being followed?
  • Where can efficiencies be introduced to improve the process and strengthen the relationship between agency and client?


Digital has, of course, created an over complicated marketplace. At FirmDecisions our digital specialists will help ensure that your agency's contractual obligations are being adhered to, particularly in relation to transparent and non-transparent programmatic media.

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Our colleagues at Ebiquity can provide advice to clients to help them better manage their media investment and agency relationships.

Reach out now to find out more about their Strategic Media Consultancy services.


ANA media transparency initiative

Results from the U.S. study and the recommendations from the ANA, Ebiquity, & FirmDecisions.
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