Some questions about contract compliance reviews


What is a Contract Compliance?

Review of the agency’s level of compliance with the existing client/agency contract by looking at previous years’ transactions

What does a Contract compliance audit look at?

We have a detailed Scope of Work that examines accuracy of billings (traditional & digital), rebates, fees, unbilled media, plus much more!

What comes out of a Compliance audit?

There are a number of benefits:

  • Financial recoveries from any non-compliance
  • Recognition of where the contract needs to be improved
  • Better practices & efficiencies


What is an Exit Audit?

If the relationship has ended, an Exit audit detects all balances still owing to the client before that door gets slammed shut!.


Who should carry out a media compliance audit?

Any client with a significant media spend should consider such an audit. There is a compelling argument to ensure correct stewardship of client monies, test the implementation of the agreed contract, and identify opportunities for improvements in the client/agency commercial relationship.