Your agency contract is key - is it up to date, relevant, and workable?

Contracts lay the foundation for strong relationships, allowing all parties to focus on business success. Insights from audits help address ambiguities and guide future compliance.

With extensive experience in advertising audits and contract compliance, FirmDecisions helps advertisers understand contract implications and empowers stakeholders to create robust contracts.

We work with many of the local and global industry bodies to create and promote best practice within agency contracts, having provided support to the ANA, ISBA and WFA on industry templates and training for members and clients alike.

It’s one thing to undertake an audit and gain learnings, it’s another to make sure that those learnings are disseminated across your business so as all stakeholders understand what can be done to improve transparency and processes. FirmDecisions supports many clients in improving their understanding of the contractual relationship with agency partners through training programs and sessions with key stakeholders within the organisation.

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