Trust and Transparency in Media and Marketing

Ebiquity and FirmDecisions partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) through their Thought Leadership Program and will be curating several original thought leadership pieces to feature in the ANA’s Newsstand Forward section. Below you can find our third article.

Stephen Broderick, global CEO at FirmDecisions, shares his perspective on how the media and marketing ecosystem is shaping global trends in contract compliance auditing and what marketers should do to bring trust and transparency back to the media buying.


"Trust but verify should be the watchwords of building increased trust in the ecosystem, with constant, annual vigilance and reviews, rather than intermittent reviews every three, five, or 10 years. Transparency truly is an issue for the whole marketing ecosystem.”

Stephen Broderick, Global CEO


While many advertisers have improved the levels of transparency in media trading, the media and marketing ecosystem has been in a constant state of flux and development since 2016. If anything, the past three years have been characterized by a quicker rate of change than at any time in the industry's past 150 years. This has meant that some contracts have not been able to keep up with the changes in both the technology and terminology used to describe new trading practices.

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First featured 15/10/19.