FirmDecisions in the press:"Mind-boggling": the industry reacts to ISBA/PwC report

ISBA, the industry body representing advertisers, and consultancy PwC have finally released their long awaited report on the programmatic ad market - and for the first time advertisers have quantified the end-to-end value of its supply chains.

Two years late, which in itself points to the complexity of the numerous supply chains and the difficulty of tracking money and data within the system, the report unveiled some alarming figures.

In response to the report's findings, the market was warned that if it could not deliver standards and transparency, advertisers may take their money elsewhere and the Competition and Markets Authority might even intervene.

Stephen Broderick, despite applauding the study, suggests that advertisers should be looking beyond the transaction level, and instead looking at the transparency of trading practices and agency group contracts.

Stephen said:

"The elongated, and still relatively opaque, supply chain provides parties with a vested interest the opportunity to become a part of it, often without advertisers knowing. Essentially, what the ISBA study reiterates, is that the same challenges exist three years on from our similar study with the ANA. Contracts did not, and still do not, enable a transparent ecosystem to exist. A concerted and coordinated industry effort to drive transparency is required, and we welcome this - underpinned by transparent contracts which cover all trades in the supply chain."


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