FirmDecisions in the press: Is esports prepared for the coming influx of freed-up marketing spend?

With live sports frozen and gaming booming, esports faces an opportunity to solidify a place as a mainstream media channel. But while brands are flocking to esports to replace eyes lost, they face difficulties in navigating a frontier space for which the rulebook is still being written.

The tools to measure the impact and effectiveness of these partnerships are still being built. No matter which strategy brands adopt, the larger the audiences, no matter where they are, the larger the benefit.

For top esports events, multiple streams are simulcast on channels like YouTube Gaming and Twitch. Players can cast (that is, offer their own commentary channels) over these too, generating additional views and reach, while social and linear TV can boost viewership further. It's a complex web of consumption and a bit more difficult than tracking the linear and catch-up viewership of live TV.

Stephen Broderick said that esports is a "prime target" for many advertisers now. For those who can free up existing and frozen spend (many can't), anyway.

Stephen warns:

"New media owners can harbour different trading patterns, environments, rebate and/or free space deals. And where those who have a history investing budgets in channels currently reaching smaller audiences may experience more flexibility from media owners – newer players must recognise that with any new relationship, it can take time to build."


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First featured on 05/05/2020.