ANA transparency report three years on: industry update

In the three years since the ANA published its ground-breaking report, we have seen increasing levels of transparency being built into advertiser’s contracts, with many taking steps to work more collaboratively with their agencies as a result. Overall, I’d say that advertisers are taking transparency more seriously, but they’re also faced with new ways of working across the media supply chain and these only serve to complicate the landscape.

Because of this increasing complexity, 100% transparency around the financial details of media trading is harder to deliver than ever. An eye for detail and careful use of language in contracts is vital, as small changes in terminology can often have significant impacts on how advertisers account for their media inventory or access their data.

As an industry we are playing a game of cat and mouse. Just as one knowledge gap between advertisers and agencies closes, innovation forces open another. To keep up, brands must be extra alert to ensure that their contracts align with best practice and are reviewed regularly. As we move full speed towards digitisation, brands need to remain vigilant to maintain transparency.


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First featured on 10/06/2019.