New Media Contract Guidance Empowers Advertisers in China to Navigate Unique Transparency Challenges

FirmDecisions, part of the Ebiquity Group, the leading independent contract compliance auditing business, in partnership with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and the China Association of National Advertisers (CANA), has unveiled a new guide on media agency contracts for the China market.

Recognizing the need for specific contract compliance guidance tailored to the unique China market, WFA engaged FirmDecisions to develop Media Contract Guidance for Advertisers with China-specific recommendations. Consultations were conducted with the WFA's Media Forum and CANA members to identify and address the most critical contract issues unique to the Chinese market.

The guide highlights that a robust contract ensures a smooth day-to-day relationship and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of both parties. It addresses the complexities and rapid evolution of the media and marketing landscape, emphasizing the need for a transparent contract that drives optimal performance.




Clear and unambiguous contracts are crucial for establishing a strong, documented partnership between brands and agencies. Best practices recommend regular contract compliance audits commissioned by advertisers to ensure adherence to the agreed terms by the agency. These audits should occur every one or two years to reflect the dynamic nature of the media marketplace, with the findings incorporated into updated contract compliance.

"We are excited to collaborate with WFA and CANA in releasing this comprehensive Media Contract Guidance for Advertisers," said Jocelyn Wang, Managing Director at FirmDecisions. "This comprehensive guide equips advertisers with valuable insights into the specific nuances of working with China based media agencies, including utilization of brokers in China, fostering transparency and empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their media agency partnerships.

The resulting China-specific Guidance, combined with the previously released Global Media Contract Guidance both in dual English and Chinese, aims to provide advertisers with clarity on the distinctive aspects of the Chinese market. It offers a framework for developing fit-for-purpose media agency contracts that capture the nuances of the market and ensures contract compliance.

"It is our aim to empower advertisers with the tools and knowledge to establish robust and transparent relationships with their agency partners, ultimately driving better outcomes in the ever-changing media landscape," said Gary Lim, Director of Marketing Services APAC at WFA.


The Media Contract Guidance for Advertisers is now available for download on the Ebiquity and WFA websites.

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