Media Transparency Workshop: Moving Forward With Confidence


The WFA ran a Workshop in Singapore on the 27th July 2017, focusing on issues relating to Media Transparency. Ebiquity and FirmDecisions were invited to provide relevant case studies and advice to the attendees on how to manage the well-publicised transparency issues in Asia.  The presentations focused on providing attendees with the right knowledge so they can “move forward with confidence”.  Hosted by Ranji David, Director of Membership Services for the WFA throughout Asia Pacific, Ebiquity was represented by Leela Nair, Managing Director SEA, and Muhammad Abdullah (Abs), Head of Digital for Asia while David Brocklehurst, Managing Director for APAC and Jenny Kuan, Audit Director for APAC represented FirmDecisions.



In conjunction with the WFA, the Ebiquity and FirmDecisions teams are planning to run a follow-up series of these seminars throughout the Region, helping clients understand the issues being discussed at global, regional and local levels and develop action plans.

In their presentation, Ebiquity clarified how the media landscape had changed, the significant value loss that was occurring in the Region, as well as the tactics that would protect the advertiser’s best interests. FirmDecisions was then able to describe what needs to be done by the clients to ensure they obtain transparency and accountability from agencies through a greater understanding of agency processes and the appropriate inclusions in the contract.


Key takeaways from the event were ensuring clients understand how media is traded and that client contracts are the driving force of media transparency, buying neutrality and media trading.

With 40+ clients in attendance and positive feedback from all attendees, the WFA will be inviting Ebiquity and FirmDecisions to work with them in other Regional events in 2017.


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