Compensation audit

Is your agency’s agreed remuneration being applied correctly?

As remuneration agreements become more complex, a compensation audit ensures that our clients are receiving the contracted resource. The audit covers scope of work, rates, hours spent on projects, etc., and can be a good starting point when negotiating future fee agreements.

Digital is, of course, enabling creativity and its execution is deliverable in a far more automated and personalised way. This does, however, impact fee structures (special skill sets required, different teams working on your business etc.), and many of our advertiser clients struggle to keep abreast of the multitude of ways in which these services can be charged. Our team of digital specialists are on hand to demystify this for you, and enable you to feel confident that you’re paying in the right way for right people to get your advertising messages heard. 

ANA media transparency initiative

Results from the U.S. study and the recommendations from the ANA, Ebiquity, & FirmDecisions.
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