FirmDecisions in the press: Why is transparency so important in media trading?

A view from Stephen Broderick, CEO of FirmDecisions on why transparency is vital in media trading, has been featured on AccountancyAge.

The article explores how digital has made media trading more complex, as there are now many more links in the media supply chain. These include trading desks – both those owned and operated by media agencies as well as independent trading desks – demand- and supply-side platforms, sales houses, ad exchanges, and ad networks, all standing between advertisers and their agencies and publishers and consumers.

Stephen goes on to outline that although agency holding companies have made media trading more complex and more opaque, this has been accompanied by the growing role and influence of procurement in marketing investment decision-making in recent years.


To read the article in full on Accountancy Age’s website, please click here. 

First featured 03/01/2019.