FirmDecisions in the press: The road to media transparency is paved with good intentions

Stephen Broderick, CEO, FirmDecisions view on the ways in which agencies have adapted since the 2016 report into media transparency from the US Association of National Advertisers (the ANA), has been featured on Mediatel.

Stephen demonstrates that, since the report came out, the number of advertisers in the US choosing to perform financial compliance audits has more than doubled. This is an impressive and significant change, which clearly shows that major advertisers are taking the issue of media transparency more seriously and that they are actively taking steps to address the issue;

"But the road to total transparency is long and winding. No doubt there will be stops, diversions, and road blocks along the way. And while progress is definitely being made, the industry-led changes in terminology – together with new investments and strategic partnerships – mean that it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back”

To read the article in full on Mediatel’s website, please click here. 

First featured 22/11/2018.