FirmDecisions in the press: The Four Golden Rules Of Financial Compliance in Media

A view from Sandeep Khewle, CEO at FirmDecisions India on “The Four Golden Rules of Financial Compliance in Media”.

The article explores what everyone in finance and procurement should know when buying media and marketing services. As another financial year ends, there’s the usual rush among advertisers looking to finalise media strategies. Sandeep highlights that there are four golden rules of financial compliance in media. Using these as their guiding principles, advertisers are more likely to make the right compliance decisions for their brands:

  1. Approach marketing and media spend as CAPEX not OPEX
  2. Keep transparency on top of the agenda to avoid playing “hide and seek” in media
  3. Demand simplicity over complexity in media transactions
  4. Enshrine the right to audit in media and marketing contracts

Sandeep emphasised that by following the four golden rules outlined here, advertisers stand the best possible opportunity of securing optimal ROI in the increasingly complex media and marketing ecosystem, and they’ll achieve that in the most accountable and transparent way possible.


To read the article in full on CFO India website, please click here. 

First featured 01/02/2019.