FirmDecisions in the press: The challenges of financial transparency in digital advertising

A view from Federica Bowman, Managing director, Digital, FirmDecisions on “The challenges of financial transparency in digital advertising”.

The article highlights the challenges CFO’s are increasingly facing with financial transparency when it comes to digital advertising. Federica focuses on six approaches advertisers can use to navigate the non-transparent digital media ecosystem and improve the level of transparency they receive from their media agency partners:

  1. Start with the contract framework
  2. Reduce the risk of non-transparent models being used
  3. Control media inventory quality
  4. Only work with transparent partners
  5. Consider in-housing supplier deals
  6. Don’t accept non-transparent trading models …

Federica emphasised that it is clear how and why media trading in the digital age has become less transparent. With many more players in the ecosystem and increased automation, there is less human oversight of a more complex environment.

To read the article in full on Accountancy Age website, please click here.

First featured 13/02/2019.