FirmDecisions in the press: Blockchain - Shiny new object or transparency game changer?

A view from Federica Bowman, Managing Director - Digital, FirmDecisions on 'Blockchain: Shiny new object or transparency game changer' has been featured in 360 Advertising Week. 

In this article Federica explores the following;

  • Whether or not Blockchain has the potential to be a game changer for financial transparency in media trading?
  • Whether or not it is too soon for brands to even consider what their Blockchain strategy might be? 
  • Whether or not marketers should focus their limited energy, attention, and resources elsewhere? 

Federica goes on to highlight a number of critical issues and questions about Blockchain as yet unanswered in the media trading ecosystem. 

To read the article in full on 360 Advertising Week, please click here.

First featured 12/09/2018.