FirmDecisions / Ebiquity - ANA Recommendations Webinar

Date: Monday, August 15th 2016
Time: 10am CST, 11am EST, 15:00pm GMT

45 mins runtime, 15 min Q&A

With the release of the second part of the ANA Media Transparency Initiative, advertisers now have the unique opportunity, and the roadmap, to define the future of the U.S. ad-buying industry, which contributes about 20% to the annual U.S. GDP.  This opportunity is wide-reaching as non-transparent practices may also exist in other markets around the world – especially within digital media – giving global markets the chance to change the landscape as well.

Join us as we delve into the recommendations from the ANA, Ebiquity, and FirmDecisions to take a closer look at the next steps for the industry and how advertisers can


Nick Manning - CSO, Ebiquity
Bill Bruno - CEO, Ebiquity, North America